Dealseeker Quickstart Guide

Dealseeker is a very simple and straight-forward app, however here is some advice on how to get started and get most out of it.

Choose Dealseeker version

Two versions are available:

  • Web app - works in any modern web browser on any modern computer or mobile device. No need to install anything, but web browser must be open to get notifications. This will be easiest way for most users.
  • Desktop app for Windows - it can be downloaded, installed and work minimized to system tray, it can deliver notifications and does not require you to have web browser open. This may be useful for advanced users.

Set up Dealseeker

The setup process is very simple:

  1. Add one or more searches under Searches.
  2. Check if you want to customize anything under Settings.
  3. Go to Deals section and check out the results.
  4. You may want to fine tune your searches by excluding keywords or adjusting price levels.

Best practices

Choose eBay site that is close to you
If your country does not have a local site it is best to use eBay com for Americas and for Europe.

Specify your country in Settings
To skip results that do not ship to your country, make sure you have correct delivery country specified in Settings. We will try to detect this for you.

Choose no more than 2 eBay sites
It usually makes no sense to choose both and as the results will be the same. is somewhat global site for Europe. However in some occasions it may make sense to search both your closest local site and global site (e.g. and


Pricing may have a small offset as the ECB currency exchange rates used to show you prices may differ from rates used by eBay.

We are working on such feature, perhaps a separate mobile app, but at the present moment Dealseeker can not produce notifications while the app is not running.